Zeynep Karagöz Interview www.3dpd.co

http://www.3dpd.co | https://www.facebook.com/3dprintdunyasi Zeynep Karagöz — As 5 dakika we are a team working on both the virtual and the tangible world. We practice “Experience Design”services… We design space, objects, processes, tasks and events. We are always after innovation; we cumulate ideas. We design projects with these ideas using interdisciplinary tools. We are here to create projects that … Continue reading Zeynep Karagöz Interview www.3dpd.co

Matt Interview http://www.scann3d.com.au/

http://www.scann3d.com.au/ | https://www.facebook.com/scann3d?ref=ts&fref=ts Matt — Using cutting edge 2D and 3D cameras we create virtual inspections for any property within 24H. We also create 3D for video, colourised floor-plans and 3D Living floor-plans. Currently working with agents around Australia to pioneer the next generation of realestate marketing content. What do you see as the biggest opportunity in your … Continue reading Matt Interview http://www.scann3d.com.au/